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Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

When your garage door lifts open, the springs are the components that provide most of the energy to raise it to the open position. To do this, they have to store a lot of kinetic force, which puts them under an incredible strain over time. Its all too easy for a spring to break or twist, and the consequences can be not just inconvenient, but dangerous.

Know Your Springs

An automatic garage door has either torsion springs which run along a bar that crosses the top of the door, or extension springs that point away from the door across the roof of your garage. Torsion springs store and release their energy in the process of coiling and uncoiling, while extension springs do it by contracting and expanding. Some doors use a combination of both types of spring. Whatever kind of spring your door uses, the stresses placed on them will eventually leave a mark.

Handling Spring Malfunctions

Springs can be weakened by rust and warping, as well as simply worn out after enough use. When a spring has taken too much punishment, it may twist, break, or snap out of its housing. If one spring gets damaged, a disproportionate amount of force will be placed on the others, which will quickly cause them to take damage as well. Consequently, its important to get your springs repaired quickly as soon as you become aware of the problem.

Don’t Try It Yourself!

Every year, people are injured by faulty garage door springs. If a coiled or compressed spring breaks or snaps out of place, it can end up whipping around your garage, or launching itself out the door and risk hurting a neighbor or family member. If there’s any part of your garage that you want a trained professional poking at, it’s the springs.

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