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Garage Door Maintenance

Proper Door Maintenance

We'll Make Sure Your Opener And Springs Are Well Taken Care Of

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

It's inevitable that a complex mechanism like your garage door will experience different issues over the course of its working life. However, with the right maintenance routine, many different problems can be avoided completely. This will also translate to a longer lifespan and reduced costs on repairs.

Avoid The Most Obvious Dangers

There are all sorts of parts that contribute to the proper functioning of your door, but none more crucial and hardworking than the springs. These components are under tremendous tension, and dealing with them can be dangerous. If they are not properly maintained, however, they will end up breaking far earlier, and will cause other parts to degrade more exponentially as well. Our team can carry out the necessary task that is routine spring adjustment, which will ensure that your door is in perfect balance and that these units aren't overstraining. These units can be very dangerous to handle without proper training, so we urge you not to try to undertake this type of project yourself.

Maintaining Optimal Safety

Seeing as an automatic door relies not on your physical input, but on its motor's, it's important that the different safety features the system relies on will function properly. Our technicians will test the safety sensor alignment as well as the auto-reverse mechanism, and should these features fail our tests, we'll adjust their settings to ensure that the system doesn't pose any threats.

Promoting Silence and Efficiency

A garage door can make a lot of noise while it's moving, especially if you have a chain drive opener. By having our experts carry out the lubrication maintenance the system so desperately needs, you'll be able to enjoy a smoother and quieter working door. Lubrication also goes a long towards reducing the friction the moving metal parts suffer from, which ultimately results in longer working lifespans and less breakdowns.

Save Money, Effort and Time

Rather than succumbing to accidents as an unpreventable ordeal, let our experts at Garage Door Repair Waconia make sure that everything from the weather-stripping to the tracks and the panels is in the best shape it can be. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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