Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Fair Charge for Opener Installation

My brother recommended Garage Door Repair Waconia when I told him that I needed my new garage door opener installed. Not only did they perform the installation, but they also set it up to work with the switch and the remote control. They checked twice that everything was working well with the opener. The door was opening and closing properly when the remote control and switch were used. I had the opener installed last week and so far I did not experience any problem with it. The company also charged fairly for their service cost. If you need any help with opener or garage door, I recommend calling them.

Five Stars for Timely Garage Door Service

I would rate the service of Garage Door Repair Waconia with five stars. That is for the timely, reliable and friendly service they provided. I just got home from a tiring day at work and all I wanted was to get inside the house and rest in my room. However, my garage door would not open with my clicker and I could not manually open it as well. I called the company and in a short time help arrived. The professional technician opened the door. The root cause of the problem was resolved and I did not experience the same problem since.

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